Is your daughter passionate about music? Does she have flair for the tunes and harmonies? If her birthday is nearing, then you can make it very special for her. If she is in her adolescence or early youth, then this birthday can be very special for her. Do you usually encourage her to pursue her passion and talent in music? If she is zealous about this art, then try to hone her skills this birthday. Make it as special as you can by dedicating it to her interest for music.

Solo Recording
In this forthcoming birthday of her, you can take her out for her first music recording. Do some research and search well to find the best recording studio in town. Nothing can be more special for her than to record her own voice for the first time. The studio will have the room and all the instruments needed for her to sing. Also, it will have the best recording equipments to record her song.
Group recording
You can also make her do a group recording at the recording studio. You can talk to the studio and ask them for some good group vocalists who can back up her voice in the group song. Just make sure that the studio has everything needed to record her voice and give it in a CD format.
You can buy her the musical instrument of her choice. Learn and find out which instrument she loves to play the most and buy her than in her birthday. If she loves playing guitar or violin, then gift her same. If she has the musical instrument of her choice, then you can also buy her some other musical instrument of her second preference. This instrument will complement her existing one and help to create an entire musical ensemble for her.
You can buy her the CD album of her choice. You must know which singer or instrumentalist she likes the most. Buy the set of musical releases of the singer of her choice. She will be more than happy to get that as a gift.
Live concert
You can arrange a live concert for her. Since, she is an ardent fan of music; a live concert completely dedicated to her will make her go happy. If you do not have much budget, you can call for some budding musical talent to sing some good songs at her birthday. You can arrange for an instrumental concert for her birthday. It will be a concoction of different musical instruments played by various artists.
For her birthday, you can also arrange for a live karaoke which will again mesmerise her.

If you happen to have to an overnight transit in Honk Kong then, you should make the most of it. Get a glimpse of the amazing country where nightlife is sizzling and lively. The billions of lights, music and busy city will swoop you off your feet. After you get through customs and come out of the airport, you could grab the airport train or bus. If you don’t have small money (coins or notes), you have the option of getting a travel card. This will help you take public transport without having to worry about the cash money. Get a fast paced introduction to this amazing city.

So what are the places that you should visit in a short span of time? It’s obvious that you wouldn’t be able to visit all, but at least a few would be great. Here are sites to see, cuisines to taste and experience the hospitality of the friendly locals:

World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show!

A visit to the symphony of lights in Victoria Harbour would not complete the nightlife in Hong Kong. You would be mesmerized by the billions of lights that illuminate from about 40 building on each side of the harbour. Additionally, the music that plays in the backdrop of this eye-popping view. It starts at around 8pm and the view is breathtaking.

Reward your pallet with Asian Cuisines at Hillwood SoHo

If you want to experience and taste some mouth-watering dishes, this is the place for you. There are seafood restaurants, steak houses, sushi and many more. From low charges to high end and stylish food courts awaits you. Moreover, there are stylish bars and clubs and also café to chill out and check your important mails.

Grab a souvenir at the Temple Street Night Market

Experience the busy and lively market that comes to life with many stall and traders of different markets. You could sort through and take with you some gifts and get into the spirit of bargaining. Not to forget, the amazing street food that you should try!

Central in the Island of Hong Kong

This is the business district that draws international clientele with fine dining options and many more activities. The glittering and massive skyscrapers are sites to see that is worth your time. There are many modern shopping malls, nightspots to relax and so on. The nightlife in Hong Kong in this modern area is another choice to consider.

With little time there’s so much you could see in this amazing destination. You never know, your next travel destination might be Hong Kong! Explore a few places to get an introduction of the amazing nightlife of the city!


Our life comprises of many life events. We have a reason to celebrate for each of our life event or occasion. Life events could be anything from birthdays, marriages to an anniversary, etc. we have a reason to celebrate each of these occasion.

Among all the life events, marriage is one of the most special events in everyone’s life. It is embarking of a new journey with your loved one. It is considered to be one of the most important institutions and is very much respected.

Why DJs and Photo Booths are becoming popular in wedding receptions?

Therefore everybody wants to cherish this once in a lifetime event. We all have our planning and vision for our wedding day. People are now going to a great extent to plan a great wedding ceremony including the reception. Wedding reception as we know is no more just about the good food and ambiance. Over the years, entertainment has proved to be a very important and key factor in having a successful wedding reception evening. Therefore there is a growing trend among people to hire DJs from reputed agencies for entertaining their guest.

For example in Australia, wedding entertainment is a service that is provided by many reputed agencies in Australia for cities in and around Australia. They provide the best DJs in the city for wedding functions. These disc jockeys are trained professionals. They are an expert in their art. They are exclusively trained in playing disco music for wedding purposes. Having a good music at a wedding reception is very important nowadays. It is one of the key points for having a successful wedding evening. Therefore people are hiring these exclusive DJ services to keep their guest engaged on the dance floor and to entertain them.

Apart from DJ services these agencies also provide Photo Booth hiring services also. For example, Photo Booth Hire Australia is one of the best services provided by these agencies for the people of Australia. We know Photo Booth is another growing trend in marriage ceremonies. Photo Booth is a booth where the guests can capture their pictures. It provides HD camera recording too. It could prove as a great way of wedding bands in Gold Coast for the guests and the bride and the groom alike. The guests can get the best pictures in their best-dressed form. The bride and the groom can also capture their auspicious moment in the best of the resolution.

Therefore many people are availing the services of hiring photo booth exclusively for their wedding ceremonies. The best part of these services is that the agencies offer these services at reasonable rates. Therefore it is appealing to the masses and gaining wide acceptance.

A recording studio is chosen to record sounds and music of bands or individual musicians. It is the space beautifully designed to achieve the needed acoustic properties, such as low level reflection, sound diffusion, etc. Studios need two rooms – live room and control room. Live room is the space where actual recording happens where as control room records and manipulates the sound from the live room.
How to determine a world class studio?

·You will want to examine the structure carefully to determine whether the studio is world class or not.
·A good studio will have a structure to accommodate the musicians and their equipment in the best possible and comfortable manner.
·Best structures are designed in a manner that it has a good line of sight that enables everyone in the studio to see one another.
·The rooms should be designed in a manner that they don’t have any vibrations so as to improve the quality on the recording.
·World class recording studio in Sydney are expected to have the best gear, including compressors, sound effects, equalizers, microphones, preamps, interfaces and external processing.
·These equipment are accompanied by a good and experienced engineer who will help you to produce best quality recording experience.
·When choosing a good recording studio, you can consider working with other artists so that you can get an idea of what other studios offer. Ask for some demos they have recorded at each studio so as to get an idea of the quality and how much capable are they.
·Hear the music in different systems to test the quality. Effective recordings should sound nice in all systems, including stereophonic or monophonic.
·Visit the studio in person to see if you are comfortable with the ambiance. Check out the vibe that you get from the studio.
·If you feel more comfortable in a studio, then it would be easier for you to perform free and consistently. If you are not comfortable, then you are not likely to generate a quality recording experience.
·If you have a studio that you like more, then check out whether the room inside the studio sounds good or not.
·Check out the quality of studio equipment and the staff in the studio. Good quality equipment will help you produce quality recording. Having a good engineer is more important than quality gear because they are capable to generate awesome sounds from average equipment.
·However, you should consider the quality of work completed by the engineer and not just the equipment being employed.

Thus, take into account these aspects when choosing a world class recording studio. Research on every possible choice and take the right decision.

Most people don’t know enough to judge the skills of a professional DJ they might need for their event, be it a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a sweet sixteen birthday party or anything else. It’s a nice idea to meet with the prospective DJ before the wedding and clear up any doubts you might have.


• Find out about their usual gigs, and if they are used to performing at the kinds of event you want to hire for. If your potential DJ makes negative comments about past clients, then it might be time to move on to other pastures. In case of trying to hire a wedding dj, the best way would be to talk to their past clients. This kind of confirmation is invaluable when selecting entertainment for a special day. If you are looking for high standard services when it comes to a wedding DJ linked here that can make your day memorable.

• It’s a good idea to discuss your musical aspirations for the day – you must-paly list and songs to be avoided at all costs. The kind of mood you want to set and the itinerary of the event also need to be discussed thoroughly to set up a playlist. The DJ can be asked to customize a playlist, and those that provide the better service will be interested to work with the client rather than try and force their tastes on the event. This helpful site helps you to find a perfect entertainment services for your special day that can meet your expectations.

• Crowd management should be a key discussion point for the DJ as well as the client. How the DJ manages to get the dance floor hopping or provide appropriate music for softer moments in the course, in short, how seamlessly he handles the music and the dance floor is essential knowledge to his fitness as a DJ. How he would handle song request – sticking to the playlist or accommodating guest requests – should be discussed beforehand with you.

• It’s important to get a comprehensive demonstration of how he blends tracks. If he does it well, then the skip won’t be noticeable at all, but if that’s not the case then it will an unpleasant bump in your festivities.

• The DJ should be knowledgeable about the mechanical side of this equipment and carry spares in case technical failures. The acoustics of the Chosen venue should also be taken into account. A visit to the site as prep for an event may also become necessary. The DJ might also offer additional services like intelligent lighting or HD video Screens to set a night club-like atmosphere.


Asking a question like “Why should I choose you?” at the end of the interview would highlight his thoughts on his strengths and weakness, which might help you to make a final decision.

But in the end, the decision will be yours. If you find a talented accommodating DJ, then book him quickly before someone else does.