Is your daughter passionate about music? Does she have flair for the tunes and harmonies? If her birthday is nearing, then you can make it very special for her. If she is in her adolescence or early youth, then this birthday can be very special for her. Do you usually encourage her to pursue her passion and talent in music? If she is zealous about this art, then try to hone her skills this birthday. Make it as special as you can by dedicating it to her interest for music.

Solo Recording
In this forthcoming birthday of her, you can take her out for her first music recording. Do some research and search well to find the best recording studio in town. Nothing can be more special for her than to record her own voice for the first time. The studio will have the room and all the instruments needed for her to sing. Also, it will have the best recording equipments to record her song.
Group recording
You can also make her do a group recording at the recording studio. You can talk to the studio and ask them for some good group vocalists who can back up her voice in the group song. Just make sure that the studio has everything needed to record her voice and give it in a CD format.
You can buy her the musical instrument of her choice. Learn and find out which instrument she loves to play the most and buy her than in her birthday. If she loves playing guitar or violin, then gift her same. If she has the musical instrument of her choice, then you can also buy her some other musical instrument of her second preference. This instrument will complement her existing one and help to create an entire musical ensemble for her.
You can buy her the CD album of her choice. You must know which singer or instrumentalist she likes the most. Buy the set of musical releases of the singer of her choice. She will be more than happy to get that as a gift.
Live concert
You can arrange a live concert for her. Since, she is an ardent fan of music; a live concert completely dedicated to her will make her go happy. If you do not have much budget, you can call for some budding musical talent to sing some good songs at her birthday. You can arrange for an instrumental concert for her birthday. It will be a concoction of different musical instruments played by various artists.
For her birthday, you can also arrange for a live karaoke which will again mesmerise her.