A recording studio is chosen to record sounds and music of bands or individual musicians. It is the space beautifully designed to achieve the needed acoustic properties, such as low level reflection, sound diffusion, etc. Studios need two rooms – live room and control room. Live room is the space where actual recording happens where as control room records and manipulates the sound from the live room.
How to determine a world class studio?

·You will want to examine the structure carefully to determine whether the studio is world class or not.
·A good studio will have a structure to accommodate the musicians and their equipment in the best possible and comfortable manner.
·Best structures are designed in a manner that it has a good line of sight that enables everyone in the studio to see one another.
·The rooms should be designed in a manner that they don’t have any vibrations so as to improve the quality on the recording.
·World class recording studio in Sydney are expected to have the best gear, including compressors, sound effects, equalizers, microphones, preamps, interfaces and external processing.
·These equipment are accompanied by a good and experienced engineer who will help you to produce best quality recording experience.
·When choosing a good recording studio, you can consider working with other artists so that you can get an idea of what other studios offer. Ask for some demos they have recorded at each studio so as to get an idea of the quality and how much capable are they.
·Hear the music in different systems to test the quality. Effective recordings should sound nice in all systems, including stereophonic or monophonic.
·Visit the studio in person to see if you are comfortable with the ambiance. Check out the vibe that you get from the studio.
·If you feel more comfortable in a studio, then it would be easier for you to perform free and consistently. If you are not comfortable, then you are not likely to generate a quality recording experience.
·If you have a studio that you like more, then check out whether the room inside the studio sounds good or not.
·Check out the quality of studio equipment and the staff in the studio. Good quality equipment will help you produce quality recording. Having a good engineer is more important than quality gear because they are capable to generate awesome sounds from average equipment.
·However, you should consider the quality of work completed by the engineer and not just the equipment being employed.

Thus, take into account these aspects when choosing a world class recording studio. Research on every possible choice and take the right decision.