Technically speaking, a quartet is a group of 4 people playing the music with their string based equipment or musical instruments. Most of the quartets have four instruments such as a cello, a viola and two violins. They are good in playing wedding music, and there is a trend of these quartets in almost all weddings. They appreciated all over, and many people hire them on their wedding. Also, their music gives pleasure to the ears after the long irritating and frustrating preparations for the wedding. They also play the music as per your demand and events, for example, if there is a dance schedule they will play the dance music. If you are looking for a string quartet to hire, see this post.
History of quartets
We have to go to the 18th century to discover the origin of the quartet. Haydn is considered to be the father of quartet music for his contribution to create the hundreds of notable pieces for his Opus 9 quartet. Except Haydn there are more music composers who have also contributed much for the development of this type of music, they are Schubert, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Beethoven.
Details related to the being quartet musician
When we compare the classical music with the quartet, they are same with just the modern form, technology and choices. Have you ever heard of a rock band of classical music, these can consider to the rock band of classical music.
1. Quartets are not only for the weddings, but also they can be used for other events also. They can be of great value even in the concert halls. If the quartet is good, they can also be used in an international concert. But playing in an international concert will not be easy as here the people other countries will also be there having different taste in their music. The musicians will have to make them convinced about the music and enjoy it well.
2. The quartets mainly hired for the events like weddings, corporate gathering, graduations, and all other types of formal events. They can use their instruments for all the kinds of events either indoors or outdoors. The music is very soft, and people like the music very much the main thing is that it doesn’t disturb the people while talking and their conversation.
3. All the ages of quartet music have adopted this same smooth and overwhelming music playing throughout and will continue the same tone in future also.
Instrument Changing
The instruments can change in the group, if you want the piano in the group, you can replace it with any of the four available musical instruments. It is advised not to change the traditional instruments while in wedding string bands. Talking about the fee they take, it depends on the type of event and time for how many hours they have to play. The waiting time and the travelling fee can also include in the fee that totally depends on the quartets. You have to a hire a group who has a good experience and can play a wide range of music without any mistakes.